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I Have an Island (pt. V - The Ladder)

Here, have a beer, and let's talk about the ladder on your island.

Bear with me, I've been hungover all day and I'm not super motivated to write this.

On my island, there is a ladder. The ladder is very, very tall. If I lay the ladder down it would span from one side of the island to the other. Sometimes, instead of taking a lift to the top of the mountain, I lean the ladder up against it and walk. It's a relatively strong ladder, made mostly of aluminum and built to last. However, there are a few rungs here and there that just didn't last and have been patched with wood. Those rungs are easy to see and therefore easy to avoid while using the ladder. If push comes to shove, they are certainly strong enough to use while climbing up. I wouldn't suggest stopping on one of them, but you can feel safe stepping on one. This ladder seems to be growing every few months or so. It seems to be getting longer but I don't know if I trust using the newest parts of the ladder. Sure, they're made of aluminum, and I have no reason not to use them, but I'm not totally convinced yet. You're more than welcome to use my ladder whenever you need it.

In real life, I have friends. I have a lot of friends and know a lot of people. Sometimes, instead of doing something that I love doing by myself, I bring my friends with me or invite myself to go with them. The majority of my friendships are deeper than surface-level friendships. I wouldn't say that I know everything about all of my friends, but I'm also not a proponent of having hey, how are you, good? Good! type friendships. I make it a point to ask questions and remember things about people with the intention of communicating to them that I care about their life. I believe that is a recipe to have friendships that last. With that said, there are a few to quite a few friendships that have been damaged in my life. The friendships that were once stronger than most, and are now something of the past. The type of friend that I would no longer trust to support me, but I think would still lend a hand if asked to. As I continue to make new friends and learn new things about people, I have no problem giving them access to my life. I'm not totally convinced that my newest friends are friends that I trust enough to rely on when I need it most, but they are a part of my life. If you ever need something from me or one of my friends, just let me know.

Cheers to friends!

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