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It's Dark In Here

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

A poem


Hello? Hello. . . ? Hey!

What? What is that? Yes? Who. . .

Oh, hello. You look familiar.

It’s dark in here.

In where? All I see is the sunshine.

No. Don’t look. The sunshine will steal you blind. You don’t need that.

What are you talking about?

Well… maybe you’re right. It does seem pretty dark.

Is it getting cold too? Dark, and cold? No. No… not again. Please, not again.

It’s too late.

Again. It happened again. I’m trapped and it’s dark in here.

I’m trapped because I can’t find the walls that THAT thing has put up. It trapped me.

I’m trapped because I don’t want to live, that shit is too hard

I’m trapped because I don’t want to die, that shit is too scary

Scared? What am I scared of? There’s nothing in here. It’s dark though. What could be in the dark?

I feel cold. I feel alone, but I feel accompanied. Somebody is here. It’s too dark to see but somebody is here, waiting for my call.

Feel. I would feel cold. I would have feelings. I could have feelings. I would feel a lot of things if I could feel things at all.

There it is. THAT is back. I saw it. It’s darker than the last time.

How is that possible? Darker than the last time. Last time was darker than the last time. The last last time was darker than the last time.

Is this the last time? Is this as dark as THAT gets?

I guess I’ll see next time.

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