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Mom, momma, mommy, mum, MOM.

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Here, have a beer and let's talk about mom.

A Mother's Day tribute to all of the moms. Specifically, my mom. Your mom is cool too, I'm sure, and I bet she's great at being your mom, but nothing compared to my mom. If you know me then you have to agree with that. Happy Mother's Day to the plant and dog moms who are entitled and think today is for them. Now that we got that out of the way we can get on with the real ones.

Momma: a word with many synonyms, and not one true definition. She is a many-hat-wearing, always-role-changing, evolving yet steady foundation of a young man. She is the example of strength and poise, littered with beauty and brains that proves to her daughter that this is a woman's world. The woman who has gone through hell to watch a miracle and will choose to do it again. A human who has felt the greatest pain that humans can endure, and never stopped showing up. I'm not only talking about the physical pain of childbirth, but also when she hears her little boy talk back for the first time. When he thinks he's old enough to rule and smart enough to speak, and, in that moment, she doesn't hear words. In that moment, she hears a piece of her heart break off, but chooses grace in discipline. The woman who gazes into the dependent eyes of her baby girl and cries, because she sees herself and thinks about the woman she will become. A mom cannot be defined by a word. Moms cannot be creatively painted into a picture for everyone to see, because moms creatively paint their heart into the eyes of their families.

We appreciate mom. Mom is always in the background playing cheerleader, safety net, therapist, and best friend. For some, mom is also dad, nurse, provider, trying like hell to be present while life is trying like hell to force her to be absent. Mom is a puppeteer, an orchestrator, a brain that never stops because. . . how could it? Mom is a warrior, a winner, a warm, welcoming whisper who will always stand up for her own. Mom is all of these things plus the things we don't see.

This Mother's Day I applaud because this Mother's Day I understand just a little bit more.

This Mother's Day I raise my glass to the moms who are just trying to keep the damn thing alive.

To the moms who just need 5 more minutes.

To the moms who have the blessing of a man to cook dinner while they feed the baby.

To the moms who are cooking dinner and feeding the baby.

To the moms who weren't supposed to be moms.

To the moms who feel like a mom but are fighting through tears and trying again.

To the moms holding the baby who just. won't. fall. asleep, so they hand her to their mom so she can sleep on grandma's chest.

To the moms who had to find the strength that their mom gave them to be a mom, because they can't pass the baby off to sleep on grandma's chest.

To the moms whose heart breaks when they drop their kid off at preschool.

To the moms who can't find a preschool and become a teacher.

To the moms spending every weekend at the baseball field convincing themselves that the best gift is watching their baby play a game he loves.

To the moms with minivans full of giggles and cackles after volunteering to drive the girls to their tournament.

To the moms who have been forced to choose a career or family and didn't hesitate to do both extremely well.

To the moms cutting orange slices on their lunch break because they are on snack duty today.

To the moms in the drive thru line because there isn't enough time to cook tonight.

I raise my glass to the moms who are spending today with their kids, and I pour one out for the moms who would give their own life to have their kid's life back.

To the moms holding their son after his first heart break and crying with their daughter because we just don't know why that boy doesn't love her back.

To the moms crying tears of joy watching their son conquer a recital that kept him up for weeks.

To the moms who enjoy being a grandma just a little bit more than they enjoy being a mom.

To the moms who are so frustrated with their kids they are either going to explode and light the house on fire or jump out of a moving car - - - but, dammit, they still have to eat and you're going to feed them.

To the moms who don't feel seen. Who do more than they are given credit for doing. Who just want some appreciation.

To the moms who never stop mom-ing.

Cheers to you, and Happy Mother's Day Momma Skorks.

Happy Mother's Day to you, too Carol, Sue, Susan, Jessica, Tillie, Rachel, Arlene, Brittni, Dom, Katie, Letty, Carole, Sherisse, Ashley, Alyssa, Dana, Lindsay, Traycee, Ginge, Kara, Kylie, Lettie, Amber, Ruth, Vicky, Sarah, Jordan, Jacqui, Linda, Kathleen, Anna, Michelle, Molly, Jodi, Sam, Taylor, Courtney, Shelby, Chloe, Megan, Tessa, Jordan, Geri, Ginnie, Alicia, Juliette, Nova, Kristine, Becky, Jackie, Jodie, Brittany, Stephanie, Jamie, Steph, Marlee, Janie, Amy, Beth, Kelly, Yvette, Briana, Shelly, Kilby, Lacy, Erika, Kim, Dayna, Sarah, Jo, Kelli, Nancy, and every other momma. I promise we love you on days that aren't dedicated to you as well.

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