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I Made a Table

Here, have a beer, and look at what I did this weekend.

We have been wanting an outdoor table and benches since our landlord/roommate moved out and took his with him in November. This weekend I made an outdoor table and benches and now I'm too tired to write a blog.

So, have a look-see.

This is a pile of wood after some 2x6 was cut to size.

(photo credit: Josh Perez)

This is a saw that I inherited from my grandpa. Thanks, Hank.

I'm typically a Milwaukee guy, but the Bosch does the job just fine.

(photo credit: Josh Perez)

Here's the table and the first bench at the end of the day yesterday.

(photo credit: Josh Perez who was either drunk or was listening to Dem Franchize Boyz)




Perfect for drinking beer.

Cheers to DIY projects that take longer and cost more than just buying the product.


The rejected bench has been banished to the fire pit.

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